Build Number 24

Build 24


  • Name:
    Hula Girl
  • Build Number:
  • Type:
    4 String 14.75" Scale Concert Ukulele
  • Price:

  • Build details:

    The body started with a genuine BOLIVAR Libertadores cigar box. All wood construction with box joint corners. Measures 7" x 11" x 2". It was stripped of all labels and sanded. It has a True Oil finish.

    Hula Girl artwork. The art is all custom. A model was commissioned to create one-of-a-kind graphics. A complete set of photos from the photo shoot will be included as a conversation piece.

    Overall length of the instrument is 21". It is a 14.75" scale making it a Concert size. It has 21 nickel frets total, but the last few are decorative so technically 18. This is a “neck though” design so the neck runs the full length of the box. .

    It has four nickel plated sealed tuners and nickel hardware. The neck and fingerboard are solid walnut. Ernie Ball black ball end strings, rear loaded. Genuine buffalo bone nut and bridge. The bridge is floating and scale length can be adjusted.

    It is electric. It has an internal piezo pickup and an end mounted jack. It has a built in pre-amp with amplifer accessible on the top side of the box. It can be played acoustically as well.